How to help keep your pet calm during firework season

by Lovejoys Pet Food on October 07, 2019

How to help keep your pet calm during firework season.

As the evenings are getting darker and the nights close in faster, we can safely say it’s the start of firework season, which can be very stressful and uneasy time for animals.

We are all instinctively wary of loud bangs and noises that make you ‘jump’, they can cause anxiety, nervousness, or even in some cases a panic attack, and it’s the same for animals. Fireworks season is well known as a very stressful time for our pets as they don’t understand what fireworks are, and their natural instinct when hearing a loud unexpected BANG is to flee or hide.

Here’s 4 ways you can help your pet prepare for firework season.

1. Prepare a safe place

This one might seem like a very simple piece of advice, however it’s very easy to forget.

Ensure your pet doesn’t stay outside for very long, and encourage them to go into a place of associated safety such as their bed or on the sofa with you. You can’t change the conditions outside, but you can do your best to accommodate them inside.

2. Calming pet products

There are some excellent products that can help pets to relax during the season, such as calming collars that give of a relaxing scent, extra cosy beds for them to snuggle into, or household plug-in diffuser which give of a calming aroma. All of these products have been designed to help promote relaxation and restful sleep.

3. Use distractions

Keeping pets busy can prove difficult at times, however a change of toys, some tough to get treats, or constant attention could help take their mind of the unexplained loud bangs.

4. Tire them out if possible

Try taking them for an extra-long walk while it’s light or throwing in some extra play time to tire them out. If they are feeling sleepy and worn-out, they may feel calmer and more comfortable, meaning they could react better to the unknown noises.

It’s never easy for animals during firework season, but just being there for them can go a long way to keeping them calm and relaxed.

If you have any extra tips or ways to help pets relax let us know in the comments below.


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