Top tips to chillax with your pets this Fireworks Season

by Lovejoys Pet Food on October 22, 2020
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November, November the month to remember your pets!


For too many of our dogs and cats fireworks can make it a month they would rather forget!


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The loud noises and flashing lights of fireworks can be very frightening for your dog or cat but there are a few things you can do to minimise your pets stress levels.

It can be as easy as following your ABC's


Act normally around your pet and be cheerful

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Beats, play some sweet calming music, white noise or put on the television to reduce the impact but there is no need to turn the music on louder than your normally would.


Calming can be created by closing the curtains, blinds as the bright flashing lights of firework can cause alarm.


Distract your pet with their favourite game or activity such a puzzle treat ball to give them focus for a while


Exercise your dog earlier in the day to get rid of extra energy that might turn into anxiety later.


Firework noise recordings to get used to the sound may help to desensitize your pet to loud noises


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Give your cat or dog somewhere safe to escape to in your home and make this little den nice and cozy and secure with their favourite blankie.


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Hydrate your cat or dog by ensuring they have a fresh bowl of water available as pets can have a tendancy to drink more when they are anxious.



If your pet has a history of anxiety or reactions to fireworks, thunder or loud noises in the past it may be worth trying out a pheromone that are usually recommend by vets that come in various forms such as in a plug in diffuser and spray which are easy to use.

For a limited time, we will have a small selection by Pet Remedy available to buy though our website.


Should you have any concerns for your pet, it maybe worth speaking with your local vet as they may be able to give medication to help keep it calm.

Stay safe and chillax with your pets!


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