Things to do with your dog during the winter

by Lovejoys Pet Food on December 19, 2019

Things to do with your dog during the winter

Dogs love the outdoors, and there is no real substitute to taking them for a nice long winter walk, it’s healthy, fun, and helps keep their minds active. However, we don’t always get the chance to keep our pets active during the dark, cold and wet seasons as much as we would like. Plus, if it’s too cold outside, they feel it too.

Here’s 5 top things to do with your dog during winter.

Find a class that suits you and your dog:

Have you thought about the dog training classes available in your area? If your dog is looking for something a little more active then why not try something like flyball, agility, behavioural, or gundog training.

Visit a pet store:

It’s like Toys R Us for pets. Why not take them somewhere that’s designed to keep them happy and entertained? Have you been thinking your dog needs a new toy or maybe they would like to try a new treat? Well they can pick one out for themselves and maybe even become a store celebrity.

A pooch play date:

You know someone else who has a dog (everyone does), so why not set up a play date? Get the dogs together and they’ll pretty much entertain themselves, the more the merrier after all.

Puzzle toys:

Keep your pooch physically and mentally active. You can get toys such as KONGs, K9 Connectable’s or even activity boards. They can keep your dog entertained for hours if you get the right toy.

Hide & Seek:

A timeless classic to play with your pooch. Hide somewhere in the house and call their name, let’s see if they can find you. It’s an easy pass time that doesn’t require venturing into the cold or spending any money.


Hopefully you will find a couple of our tips to help prevent your pup turning into a couch pup-tato. If you know any more handy tips for things to do with your dog during the winter let us know in the comments below.

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