Springtime with your dog

by Lovejoys Pet Food on March 04, 2021

Photo by Kelatout from Pexels

Spring is on its way and is an exciting time for your dog to get outside, take in the fresh air and burn off that extra energy with a warm spring sunshine. There is always an adventure to be enjoyed in the springtime with your dog

As you prepare for this springtime fun, we have put together a few tips to keep your dog safe in planning exciting activities and keep them entertained.

Playing with your dog


Why not pack a Nobby Rubber Disc Dog Toy  for a training lesson or just for fun.

How to scatter feed your dog and make your dog work for food


Image by Ludwig Willimann from Pixabay

There are many fun things to do your dog - have you ever tried sprinkling some of their kibble in your garden and letting them hunt it out? By working for their food a dog can get more than just the nutrition alone and its fun to watch. Kibble scatter feeding for your dog can bring out their natural instinct for hunting food, provide mental stimulation and slows down feeding dogs that tend to guzzle meals.

First aid essentials for your dog

For your dogs first aid kit, we would recommend including Colloidal Silver for dogs as a great addition to any pets first aid kit for cleaning any cuts, wounds or grazes or minor injuries. For more information on first aid for dogs you could take a look this article by the PDSA

How to garden safe with your dog


Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

A beautiful garden can still be had if you have a dog, however its best to ensure your boundary is secure and although many plants do not pose a threat to dogs its best to ensure that your garden is dog friendly.

We need to be aware of bulbs or plants that could harm your dog. Common spring bulbs like Tulips and daffodils are toxic to dogs if ingested, so please be aware if you have these in your garden and keep your dog well supervised. A full and detailed list can be found here from the Dogs Trust that you could take a look at to keep your four legged friend safe.

Its also best to avoid using chemical like slug pellets that are not advised as pet friendly which could be harmful if your dog eats the pellet, slug or snail.

Creating a designated area for play or digging will help to keep your dog stimilated and using different textures like ornamental grasses can provide some entertainment as they sway in the gentle breeze.

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