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Ways to make your pet feel extra special during Pet Appreciation Week

by Lovejoys Pet Food on June 06, 2021

Photo by Ralu Gal on Unsplash

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It’s the week to appreciate your pet (even more)!

Hands up if your dog is your best friend? It’s likely that you can’t venture far without the padding of four little paws being far behind. If you’re anything like us, then your pet/s will be spoiled rotten most of the time with endless cuddles, petting and treats (within reason, of course). But this week is Pet Appreciation Week which runs from 6th – 12th June 2021, meaning there’s now even more reason to pamper your pet! Hurray (like we need any more excuses)!

So, in an effort to deviate from the norm and think-up some different stuff to do with your pet, have a look at our thoughts below for inspiration to make the most of your time with your pet during the week and beyond.  

  1. Make the most of a change of scenery

Same walk but different day? If you find yourself sticking to the same walks most days, then why not use Pet Appreciation Week as an excuse to have a change of scenery? Visit your local beach, arrange a day trip or venture further afield with a staycation to give you and your pooch some much needed R&R time. And also to experience some fresh walks and views. Your pet will appreciate exploring new smells and making new memories with their human pawrent.


Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

  1. Treat your pup to a cut and blow dry

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the hairdressers to make you feel sharp and ready for the day ahead. Treating your dog to a pampering session at your local groomers or giving them a bath and blow dry at home will make them feel and look a million dollars, until they venture into a huge muddy puddle, that is! Add to their experience with some dog-friendly meals or treats.


Photo by Darren Richardson on Unsplash

  1. Try new training and exercise techniques

Dogs like nothing more than making their human mums and dads happy. This week is a great chance to extend your pet’s tricks repertoire. Try their paws at dog agility or even dancing which allows some fun interaction between pawrents and pups. Different forms of exercise can include doggy paddling or treibball which involves dogs herding and driving large balls into a football goal.


 Photo by Karo Kujanpaa on Unsplash  

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