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Your Winter Walkies - Dogs can get cold too, just like us.

by Lovejoys Pet Food on June 06, 2018

During the winter months we put away our summer cloths for another year and bring out the big woolly jumpers, long coats, gloves and comfortable fluffy socks. It’s important that we dress right for the cold weather!

We often forget that our four-legged friends get cold too. Not all of them have large winter coats, some breeds feel the cold just as much as we do. The smaller and lighter breeds only have small layers of fur, so why not warm them up with a simple dog jumper or coat?

We also forget that dogs don’t have thick socks and boots like we do. If you go on regular walks down cold streets with potential icy pavements, why not get some shoes for your pooch? They could really help your dog enjoy their walk that little bit more.

It’s important that the clothes are comfortable and don’t hurt or irritate your dog. Keep in mind clothing needs to be comfortable so your dog doesn’t become anxious or stressed.


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