About our ingredients

The best quality, freshly prepared ingredients and a whole lot of goodness goes into all our food. Our nutritionists understand the importance of using high quality ingredients and just how much impact this can have on the health and happiness of dogs. We take great care to ensure that everything that goes into our food is always for the benefit of your dog and nothing else. But what do all these ingredients do? Well, here's a bit more information to help you understand.

Do you use British ingredients?

Yes, wherever possible we use ingredients from the UK. Some things we use just cannot be grown in this country, such as brown rice, but if it is grown or raised and available here, then that is what we will always endeavour to use.

Are all your foods GM free?

Absolutely! No question.

Do you add any chemical preservatives?

We use rosemary and vitamin E as natural preservatives, we don’t use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of our diets.

Why would I feed my dog a grain free food?

Some dogs have more sensitive digestive systems than others, which can be aggravated by the presence of grains in their food, including rice. In our grain free foods, we use a combination of potato, sweet potato, fruit and vegetables to provide the fibre and all the essential nourishment they need.

Why don’t we make a grain free puppy food?

It’s a question we are often asked and the simple answer is that throughout their growth stage, puppies need easily digestible carbohydrates in their diet and brown rice is the best source. Without it, they may suffer digestive and development problems, but once they’ve finished growing, a grain free diet is perfectly acceptable.