Feeding Guide

Some like it wet, some like it dry and some like to mix it up a bit.

We would love your dog to try Lovejoys® and we are confident you will not be disappointed. When you change diets, please make sure that you follow our feeding advice to ensure your dog is introduced gently to their new food.

When you feed Lovejoys® for the first time, the best way to introduce the new food to your dog is to start adding a small amount to their current food. Increase these amounts over the period of a week, whilst reducing the previous food until a complete change is achieved.


These guidelines are not a fixed rule.

If you think your dog needs a little longer to get used to their new food, increase the number of days over which you integrate it into their diet. We also know that a lot of owners like to ‘mix it up a bit’, feeding a mixture of dry and wet food.

How much to feed and when.

For adult dogs we recommend two meals a day, but for puppies it’s three or four because they are growing fast and using lots of energy.
Do take into consideration your dog’s age and exercise level because as they get older they have less energy and need less exercise. Make sure you adjust their diet accordingly, we see far too many older dogs putting on weight because they are still being fed the same amount they were given when they were young and fit. Don't be afraid to switch to a senior/light diet when the time is right. Detailed feeding guidelines can be found on every pack of Lovejoys® dog food and you can also find them on our website at www.lovejoyspetfood.co.uk

Wet, dry or mixed?

It's your choice and there is no right or wrong way, it's simply down to what you, and more importantly, your dog prefers.
If you do like to mix it up a bit, we recommend that whatever amount you reduce the dry food by, you replace with double the amount of wet food. For example, if you normally feed your dog 150g of dry food and you reduce the amount by 50g, we would recommend you replace it with 100g of wet food.
Whatever you decide to feed, if you make a change to your dog's diet, please do it in stages and not all in one go. A gradual change generally works best.