“This is Ozzy, our boxer dog and will be 5 in September. Ozzy has suffered from a skin irritation since he was about 7 months old. He would have hives (little bumps on his skin) red raw patches from where he would scratch constantly on his belly. We took him down to the vets and Ozzy has gone through skin scrapings, blood tests, allergy tests etc at a cost running into the hundreds if not thousands of pounds (sound familiar?) We would do anything for our pets but hate to see them suffer. The tests came back as inconclusive and were fobbed of with steroids “prednisone” which he would have to take for the rest of his life. Steroids can cause kidney failure development of obesity and muscle weakness using as a long term treatment. We scoured the internet forums looking for a solution from bathing in oats 3 times a week to using watered down vinegar wipes, you name it we have tried it (some that would make him worse) nothing worked he was still itching and dragging his belly on the carpet causing him to bleed, so upsetting not only for us but Ozzy too! As a pet shop owner Leesons Aquatics & Pet Supplies in Carmarthenshire, we have access to lots of different varieties of dog foods so we started off on the most expensive thinking that expensive must mean good right? Nothing seemed to work, if his skin cleared slightly his bowels would be loose or his bowels would be fine but the skin irritation would flare up? 8 weeks ago we found a fantastic new food by a company called Lovejoys, their food is wonderful! They have a range aptly named Pure & Simple, because that’s what it is Pure & Simple, there is no nasties in there just good wholesome food and most of all it is grain free so no bulking agents. This food is ideal for all dogs including those with sensitive digestion that cannot tolerate cereals. The turkey & sweet potato (the variety Ozzy has) has 38% Turkey which provides improved digestibility, fresh fruit and vegetables to support natural fibre and probiotics (we’ve all seen the adverts on tv about probiotics, if there good for us then why not for our fur babies?) Since Ozzy has been on the diet for the past 8 weeks, he has stopped itching, his belly is no longer red raw and he has no blood scabs on his face. His bowl movements are great too! (a plus for any dog owner) We are so happy with this product we wanted to share with everyone who may have a dog who are at their wits ends with expensive vet bills and wasted dog food! We have decided to stock this in our shop from Tuesday next week 21st July 15, Thank you for spending time reading this today, Its worked for Ozzy, lets hope that it works for you too!”

 Lee Ewart – Leesons Aquatics & Pet Supplies



 “This is my cocker spaniel named Luna. Our vet recommended us your food for her as she has a delicate tummy. We also had her teeth cleaned by the vets, we used to feed her a supermarket own brand of food but since she she has been on your brand of food she has lost her bad breath and her coat is so much better and feels better too. I shall be recommending your food to all my doggy friends. Thank you so much for the great work you put into your foods. We will be staying with your brand now. So again a big thank you!”

Raechel Williams


 I would thoroughly recommend Lovejoys (and have done on several occasions), it contains a lot of vegetables and mixed with meat, it makes a great evening meal for my two adorable rescued boxers and they look very well on it. They also have an excellent customer service and after sales team who will do their level best to help.

Simon Godfrey


“We have a seven year old mastiff cross who is very fussy when it comes to her food, but I am glad to say that after trying several other brands she loves Lovejoys® Lamb and Rice and has no hesitation in clearing her bowl. We are very glad to have found a food that she loves and that helps to maintain her health and well-being.”

Claire Walsh

“My five year old German shepherd, Pippa is a very fussy eater with a sensitive tummy, but she really enjoyed the trial pack of Lovejoys Lamb and Rice. As a result, I will be feeding her Lovejoys in the future and have already been letting my customer’s know how good it is, even for fussy, sensitive dogs!”

Eve Crosby


“I have a 9 year old Labrador who has the fussiest appetite I know of! Thankfully I have been feeding him on Lovejoys Adult Lamb & Rice and he has taken too this wonderfully. I have noticed a complete difference in the way his coat looks and his skin condition since we have changed his food to Lovejoys.”

Emily Saunders

“We have got three very lively two year old Labradors, one of which is a very fussy eater. They have all been eating Lovejoy’s complete dry dog food for the last couple of months with no ill effects and in fact Rhea is loving her new food.”

Sarah Williams


“We have 6 dogs, 4 greyhounds, a Staffie cross and a small Jack Russell. Lovejoys Lamb and Rice went down a treat, then we gave them Duck and Rice and WOW no fussy eaters. THE DOGS LOVE IT.”

Donna and Adrian Clarke-Brown

“Just felt I had to write in to tell you about my 12 year old Doberman, Lexa . I have always used a hypoallergenic food for all my Dobermans. I have used the same brand for many years but was finding with Lexa she was leaving more each time which was a great concern. I decided to try Lovejoys lamb and rice, WOW ! Her bowl is empty every time. The biggest and most obvious change was her coat, glossy and for a 12yr old that is hard to achieve. Even my vet thought I had been using grooming products on her! I have now changed all my other dobes on to Lovejoy’s. Happy healthy dogs….happy me!”

Sally Walker

“Just a quick note to thank you for bringing Lovejoys to our attention. As you are aware, we were looking for a hypoallergenic dog food to replace an existing well known brand and cannot be more pleased with your product. Lovejoys offers the same range of flavours and costs less for our customers without compromising on quality. With the help of your samples, we have converted the majority over to Lovejoys without any problems what so ever. Only one customer has had an issue with the change over and I honestly believe that this was due to overfeeding of the product as you definitely do not need to feed as much. We were a little apprehensive at first but within a month the Lovejoy sales had steadily increased to a level on par with the previous brand and now, four months later, they have overtaken. It has also helped that the packaging is attractive and well thought out. So to summarise, we now have an excellent comparable food to offer our customers with increased sales and better margins for us so we couldn’t be happier. The support we have received from you, and the rest of your team, during the transition has been exceptional. With best wishes for the future.

Julie, Fido & Felix


Phil is a professional gundog trainer and is an A Panel judge for the Kennel Club. He has used many brands of puppy food over the years and finds Lovejoys to be one of the best as well as being competitively priced - “We have fed Lovejoys Turkey and Rice Puppy Food to two litters of working Cocker Spaniel puppies. The pups absolutely love the food, either soaked in water or dry, and are in outstanding condition with nice glossy coats. This is the best food we have ever used and we would highly recommend it to anyone.

Phil Parkins, Fernshot Gundogs - www.fernshotgundogs.co.uk

“Harley, a Staff crossed with a Welsh Bearded Collie is an adopted dog, was only used to cheaper foods like wag and bakers. When we got him, we tried to keep him on what he was used to. But because he pooed for England (sometimes very loose), and was constantly scratching, pulling out large areas of hair. He was fully protected against fleas etc., and ended up taking him to the vet who advised a skin allergy. They advised to change his food. We tried leading premium foods, but didn’t notice much difference apart from hurting our pockets. When we saw Lovejoys, we read what it was all about, hypoallergenic, natural ingredients, no artificial colours or additives, and was cheaper, decided to give it a go. Harley has been having this now for nearly a year. It’s great! No scratching, no itching, and the poo pickup is cut down by half! Our vet is sure it’s all down to the food and the fact there is nothing added to it. One happy Harley!”

Andrew Duffield

“I am writing this email to you to say how very pleased I am with the lovejoys dog food, and so is my dog. I have a 3yr old GSD and she does tend to have a bit of a delicate stomach where food is concerned. As a pup I tried James welbeloved as that is what my previous GSD had been fed. This went straight through her coming out as water the other end. At that time lovejoys wasn’t available so i put her on royal canin. This she was fine on until one bag I bought it was noticed a change in kibble colour. After two or three feeds my GSD was constipated. Back to the pet shop I went and saw lovejoys on the shelf. After reading and comparing I bought a small bag to try her on and I can honestly say I will never take her off this food. She has been on lovejoys for a year now and her digestion system on it is perfect. Her stools are how they should be. Plus she has stopped eating what she does when it comes out the other end too, so I assume she must be getting from lovejoys food exactly the correct nutrition she needs. Her coat shines and her eyes are bright and clear, her nose is cold an damp. She cannot be more healthy. The last couple of bags I bought have been the new large breed that you have just started doing. This she has taken to very well an no longer swallows whole pieces. Taking her time to eat her food crunching each piece up before swallowing. This has to be a good thing as I don’t think any dog should bolt their food. We have also put our elderly jack Russell on lovejoys senior/light and I am sure he now has more energy. I just had to write this email an let you know how I how happy I am with this food and if it will help other dog owners with dogs with delicate Tummies then this is the food to try. If they need any proof then you can email me and I will gladly let them come and see my GSD.

Shirley Russell


“Just wanted to drop you all at Lovejoys a quick note. Both my dogs look the best they ever have, and I’ve actually had comments from other dog owners what healthy looking dogs they are. So happy to have found Lovejoys. Had a lot of problems in the past trying to find a food that suited them both. Full of energy, beautiful coats and bright eyes! Delighted! ”

Jacqueline Keay (posted on Lovejoys timeline)


"My Name is Ros Gardiner and I have owned /show/breed and judge Pembroke Corgis, Cardigan Corgis and Labradors for the past 40 years. I have always been very particular in what I feed my dogs and I have found that the Lovjoys range of both dry and wet food suit both my high standards and my dogs . I use their Pure & Simple and light/Senior range/ and Puppy it keeps my dogs in wonderful condition. Lovejoys is a high quality range of food but without the high price tag !!! I also love the fact that is made in the UK, when you open the bag you can really smell the ingredients, it is never dusty and the kibble is just a nice size, my dogs love it dry so it’s also great for their teeth but kind on their stomachs as it does not swell in size. I have made up several Champions both in the UK and overseas and they are all started as puppies on Lovejoys. I highly recommend the Lovejoys range of dry and wet food , it keeps my dogs coats and body in fantastic condition and the most important thing is all my dogs love it !!!!"

Ros Gardiner - Owner, breeder and show dog judge


Vets are loving us too! -  “Selling Lovejoys® in our practice has been a win-win situation. It is good to have a premium dog food to sell our customers at a good price, without compromising on quality. Our customers have been very happy with Lovejoys®, which in turn has driven our sales forward”.

Chris Tomlinson BVSc MRCVS Partner Westover Vets